Photo Name Title Email Phone Web site
Anthes, Janet Anthes, Janet Kitchen Staff Email Web site
Britton, Jim Britton, Jim Custodian Email Web site
Brooks, Christopher Brooks, Christopher Resource Teacher Email 920-855-2137 ext. 1233 Web site
Brown, Bryan Brown, Bryan 6th Grade Teacher Email 920-855-2137 ext. 1210 Web site
Carlson, Teri Carlson, Teri 6th Grade Teacher Email 920-855-2134 ext. 1203 Web site
Clements, Twila Clements, Twila Para-Professional Email
Davis, Dawn Davis, Dawn Library Media Specialist Email 920-855-2137 Web site
DeBauch, Michele DeBauch, Michele Agriculture Teacher Email 920-855-2137 ext. 1105 Web site
Dreier, Jason Dreier, Jason Secondary School Principal Email 920-855-2137 ext 1004 Web site
Egan, Jaime Egan, Jaime Secretary Email 920-855-2137 x1002 Web site
Franti, Danyell Franti, Danyell Business Ed Teacher/Triton Director Email 920-855-2137 ext 1106 Web site
Grover, Shelly Grover, Shelly 7th - 8th Grade Teacher Email 920-855-2137 ext 1205 Web site
Halla, Jill Halla, Jill Phy Ed and Health Teacher Email 920-855-2137 x1019 or x1116 Web site
Hassler, Peter Hassler, Peter Technology Coordinator Email
Hencsik, Todd Hencsik, Todd District Administrator Email Web site
Herzog, Paul Herzog, Paul Custodian Email (920) 855-2137
Jadin, Abbygaile Jadin, Abbygaile Music Teacher Email 920-855-2137 ext. 1123 Web site
Johnson, Ray Johnson, Ray Tech Ed Teacher Email 920-855-2137 ext 1102 Web site
Kaczmarek, Michael Kaczmarek, Michael Email
Kahler, Dana Kahler, Dana Para-Professional Email
Kahler, Don Kahler, Don Social Studies Teacher Email 920-855-2137 ext. 1230 Web site
Klemens, Ali Klemens, Ali Secondary Office Secretary Email 920-855-2137 ext 1002 Web site
Knuteson, Kaitlyn Knuteson, Kaitlyn Resource Teacher Email 920-855-2137 x 1202 Web site
Korth, Farran Korth, Farran Health Assistant Email Web site
Kurzynski, Brian Kurzynski, Brian Math Teacher Email 920-855-2137 ext. 1227 Web site
Limberg, Shawn Limberg, Shawn Instrumental Music Email 920-855-2137 x1122 Web site
Lojpersberger, Laura Lojpersberger, Laura High School English Email Web site
Losselyong, Nick Losselyong, Nick Art Teacher Email 920-855-2137 x1114 or x1115 Web site
Matelski, Lindsey Matelski, Lindsey Resource Teacher Email 920-855-2137 x1211 Web site
Nelson, Robin Nelson, Robin Para-Professional Email
Olderman, Donald Olderman, Donald English Teacher Email 920-855-2137 ext. 1222 Web site
Parker, Jami Parker, Jami Secondary Guidance Counselor Email 920-855-2137 ext 1007 Web site
Parker, Jason Parker, Jason Science Teacher Email 920-855-2137 ext. 1108 Web site
Polomis, Matt Polomis, Matt MS/HS Phy Ed and Health Email Web site
Quaak, Douglas Quaak, Douglas Mathematics Teacher Email 920-855-2137 ext. 1225 Web site
Schmidt, Ashley Schmidt, Ashley Para-Professional Email Web site
Schroeder, Kim Schroeder, Kim Para Professional Email Web site
Sefcik-Ritter, Amanda Sefcik-Ritter, Amanda Custodian Email Web site
Skarban, Miranda Skarban, Miranda Special Education Teacher Email Web site
Stanczak, Eric Stanczak, Eric HS Social Studies Email Web site
Umentum, Amy Umentum, Amy Para-Professional Email (920) 855-2137
Vanhulle, Jennifer Vanhulle, Jennifer Speech-Language Pathologist Email Web site
Wagner, Monica Wagner, Monica 7th & 8th Grade Teacher Email Web site
Wittock, Kaitlyn Wittock, Kaitlyn Middle School Teacher Email Web site
Wollin, Maureen Wollin, Maureen Food Service Email
Woodworth, Karllyn Woodworth, Karllyn Para-Professional Email Web site
Zeitler, Greg Zeitler, Greg 7th-8th Grade Teacher Email 920-855-2137 ext. 1204 Web site
Zeitler, Lynda Zeitler, Lynda District Office Administrative Assistant Email (920) 855-2137
Zimmerman, Preston Zimmerman, Preston Tech Ed Teacher Email 920-855-2137 ext 1103 Web site